Baltic, Benelux and Nordic parliamentarians discuss vaccination strategy

On 19 March 2021, the Session of the Benelux Parliament was held. The main topics of the Session were connected with COVID-19; however, also such topics as domestic violence and telework were discussed by parliamentarians.

During the theme debate on international cooperation in the fight against COVID-19, parliamentarians of the Baltic Assembly, Benelux Parliament and Nordic Council discussed public health, cooperation between hospitals and vaccination strategy.

President of the Baltic Assembly Andrius Kupčinskas contributed with the experience of the Baltic states in regard to the vaccination progress. President informed about the current situation and challenges that the Baltic states have encountered. He said that unfortunately there is no joint vaccination strategy of the Baltic states. For this reason, vaccination progress in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is different.

President also added that the Baltic Assembly is monitoring the situation and welcoming the joint efforts of all three countries. "Our region has cooperated a lot during these challenging times; however, we see that lack of cooperation in some areas can lead to very different situations in our region. We need to evaluate what has happened and identify where the region would gain from greater cooperation. Our countries are tied close together, when one is struggling all three are going to feel the impact, especially people in the border areas.  For this reason, it is vital that our countries find joint solutions to prevent such challenges in future," said Kupčinskas.