Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

25th Session on 16-17 December 2006 in Vilnius

On 16-17 December 2006, 25th Session of the Baltic Assembly and the 12th Baltic Council took place in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main topics covered during the Session: 1) support for the cooperation between Baltic States and New EU Neighbour States by sharing experience in improving parliamentary democracy; 2) terrorism threats and challenges, measures to preempt terrorism. 

Alongside the Session of the Baltic Assembly, the 12th Baltic Council, a cooperation platform for parliaments and governments, was convened. 

During the Session, the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science were awarded. 

Programme of the Session here

Documents adopted during the Session

Final Document  (download)
Resolution on Energy Policy of the Baltic States  (download)
Resolution on Family Policy  (download)
Resolution on the Situation on the Use of Fish Stocks of the Baltic Sea   (download)
Resolution on Cooperation in the Field of Fishing Control  (download)
Joint Action Plan 2007 for Baltic Assembly - Nordic Council Cooperation  (download)
Statement on Cooperation of the Baltic States and New EU Neighbour States by Sharing Experience in Improving Parliamentary Democracy  (download)
Statement on Fight against Terrorism Threats  (download)
Statement on Democracy in Belarus  (download)
Statement on Preparedness of the Baltic States for Natural Disasters  (download)
Statement on the Parliamentary Cooperation of the Baltic States  (download)
Statement on the Relations between the Russian Federation and Georgia  (download)
Proposal on Preparation of a Publication on History, Culture and Language in the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English Languages  (download)
Appeal regarding the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai  (download)
Joint Press Statement of the 12th Baltic Council  (download)
Joint Press Statement of the Annual Summit of the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council in Vilnius  (download)

Report of the 25th Session of the Baltic Assembly here