Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

The Session of the Baltic Assembly is the highest body of the organisation. There are two kinds of the sessions: regular and extraordinary. A regular or an extraordinary Session of the Baltic Assembly have the power to act if more than half of the members of each national delegation are present.

A proposal to convene an extraordinary Session may be submitted by each national delegation individually or jointly with other delegations. The proposal to convene an extraordinary Session must be well founded, indicating the issues for consideration.

The Session can adopt decisions on all issues pertaining to the Baltic Assembly activities. A regular Session of the Assembly shall be held once a year in the presiding country. The Session has the following competence:

  • adoption and amendment of the Statutes;
  • approval of the BA symbols and adoption and amendment of the regulations on their use;
  • fixing the venue and time of a regular Session;
  • approval and amendment of the agenda of the Session;
  • approval of the leadership of the Presidium, standing and ad hoc committees;
  • approval of the Secretary General of the Baltic Assembly;
  • adoption and amendment of the Regulations on the Secretariat;
  • hearing of the BA Presidium’s report on the work accomplished in the period between sessions;
  • approval of the BA budget and the report on its implementation;
  • adoption of declarations, recommendations, resolutions, decisions and statements.

The Session of the Baltic Assembly adopts its decisions by voting. Each national delegation has one vote. A decision shall be deemed adopted if all the national delegations have voted in favour of it.

Within the framework of the Session, an official meeting of the Presidents of the parliaments of the Member States shall be held.

More detailed description of the Session conduction see in the Statutes of the Baltic Assembly.

The latest 39th Session of the Baltic Assembly was held digitally on 6 November 2020.

The next Session will take place on 4 - 5 November 2021 in Vilnius, Lithuania.