Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

9th Session on 5-6 October 1996 in Riga

On 5-6 October 1996, the 9th Session of the Baltic Assembly took place in Riga (Latvia).

Documents adopted during the Session

Final Document (download)
Resolution on the Common Policy of the Baltic States concerning NATO Membership (download)
Resolution on Cooperation in Border Policies (download)
Resolution on Harmonising the Legislation of the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on the Reform of the System of Serving Sentences for Criminal Offences (download)
Resolution on the Rights of the Child (download)
Resolution on Rational Use of Energy, Taking into Account the Potential of Renewable Energy Resources in the Baltic States (download)
Declaration on Sustainable Management of Forests and Certification of  Sustainably Managed Forests (download)
Resolution on the Return of Archives (download)
Resolution on the Creation of the Common Baltic States' Film and Video Distribution Area (download)
Resolution on the Cooperation of the Baltic States in Combating Smuggling (download)