Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

11th Session on 7-8 November 1997 in Vilnius

On 7-8 November 1997, the 11th Session of the Baltic Assembly took place in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Documents adopted during the Session

Final Document (download)
Resolution on Protection of the Territories of the Baltic States from Obsolete and Inferior Quality Goods (download)
Resolution on Combating Corruption (download)
Resolution on Combating Drugs (download)
Resolution on Enhancing the Protection of Participants in a Criminal Procedure (download)
Resolution on the Protection of Children's Interests (download)
Resolution on Cross-Border Cooperation (download)
Resolution on the Transatlantic Integration of the Baltic States (download)
Decision on the Establishment of the Committee on Budget Control (download)
Resolution on the Baltic States' Integration into the European Union (download)
Declaration Relating to the Statements concerning Guarantees of Security for the Baltic States and Measures for Strengthening Trust in the Relations between Them and Russia made by Russian President Yeltsin on 24 October 1997 (download)