Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

6th Session on 21-22 April 1995 in Riga

On 21-22 April 1995, the 6th Session of the Baltic Assembly took place in Riga (Latvia).

Documents adopted during the Session

Resolution on the Harmonisation of Border Procedures and the Establishment of Joint Information System in the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II in Europe (download)
Resolution Concerning the Problems of the Inhabitants of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Living in Border Areas (download)
Statement on Expressions by the Russian Federation's Foreign Minister A. Kozyrev (download)
Resolution on Chechnya (download)
Resolution Concerning Sergei Kovaliov's Candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize (download)
Recommendation Concerning Relations with Ukraine (download)
Resolution on the Promotion and Support of the Studies of the Ethnic Identities of Indigenous Nations of the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on Cooperation among the Baltic States regarding Registration of Medicines (download)
Resolution on Joint Procurement of Medical Instruments and Ambulances (download)
Resolution on the Railway Pass BALTRAIL (download)
Resolution on Harmonisation of Trade Regulations on Agricultural and Fisheries Products in the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on Possibilities for Industrial Cooperation and Specialisation in the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on Strengthening the Process of Integration into the European Union (download)