Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

28th Session on 26-28 November 2009 in Vilnius

On 26-28 November 2009, 28th Session of the Baltic Assembly and the 15th Baltic Council took place in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main topics covered during the Session: 1) Baltic cooperation institutions by 2020 and added value of Baltic cooperation; 2) Baltic cooperation and crisis; 3) ensuring stability in the Baltic region in long term perspective. 

Alongside the Session of the Baltic Assembly, the 15th Baltic Council, a cooperation platform for parliaments and governments, was convened. 

During the Session, the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science were awarded. 

Programme of the Session here

Documents adopted during the Session

Final Document  (download)
Resolution on Increased Cooperation of the Baltic States in the Schengen Area  (download)
Resolution on Increasing Energy Efficiency, energy Saving and Adapting to Climate Change  (download)
Resolution on Ensuring Sustainable Economic and Social Development in the Baltic States  (download)
Resolution on Development of Education in Alignment with Labour Market Needs  (download)
Declaration on New Challenges for Security Agenda  (download)
Recommendation on Joint Measures for Development of Common Baltic Business Environment  (download)
Declaration Concerning Proposals Related to the Solution of the problem of Nagorno-Karabakh  (download)
Declaration on the Situation in Georgia  (download)
Joint Statement of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly and the Baltic Assembly (download)

Minutes of the 28th Session of the Baltic Assembly here