Sessions of the Baltic Assembly

10th Session on 25-27 April 1997 in Parnu

On 25-27 April 1997, the 10th Session of the Baltic Assembly took place in Parnu (Estonia).

Documents adopted during the Session

Final Document (download)
Resolution on the Abolition of the Death Penalty (download)
Resolution on the Common Policy of the Baltic States in Fighting Illegal Immigration (download)
Resolution on Fighting against Money Laundering (download)
Statement on Integration into the European Union (download)
Resolution on NATO Membership of the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on the Extension of the Rights of the Child (download)
Resolution on the Negotiations about the Schengen Visa Space (download)
Resolution on Illegally Occupied Real Estate of the Baltic States (download)
Resolution on Relations and Cooperation with Ukraine (download)
Resolution on the Address of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic of Itchkeria (download)
Decision on Making Amendments to the Regulations of the Baltic Assembly of the Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia and Republic of Lithuania (download)