President: Joint efforts and mutual support of the Baltic states is vital for overcoming the crisis

President of the Baltic Assembly Andrius Kupčinskas highlighted that joint efforts and mutual support of the Baltic states is vital for overcoming the crisis posed by COVID-19; therefore, the Baltic Assembly welcomes the solidarity that can be clearly seen from the recent activities of the Baltic governments.

In the past weeks, the Baltic states have seen a light at the end of the tunnel; however, countries still have a lot to do and support between the Baltic states is extremely important. Despite the glimpse of a better future, times are tough right now but we see that the governments of the Baltic states are trying to do their best to fight this crisis.

Pressure from the society is increasing as our people are tired and overwhelmed by this crisis that is taking far too long to be resolved. The Baltic states do not want the citizens to lose their optimism and hope that the day we will return to a life closer to normal is not far. For this reason, communication with the Baltic people is essential for success.

The Baltic Assembly continues to monitor the cooperation of the Baltic states and appreciates all the joint efforts. However, the Baltic Assembly has always highlighted – there is room for even greater cooperation and solidarity of the Baltic states.

"We see that the Baltic states are working hard to fight the crisis and mitigate its effects on people and economies. We believe that together the Baltic states can come out of this crisis more prepared for future crisis as well as even more resilient to internal and external shocks. One of the common activities could be creation of a common electronic immunity passport as soon as possible to ensure that Baltic and EU citizens can move and travel safely. Keep up the good work and hopefully very soon we will be able to look back at this time as a significant incentive that helped us to grow stronger together," said Kupčinskas.